Israel Will Return

Oh my sweet Jacob, all lost and alone.

They shun you and hate you, but they’ll never know. Your loyalty killed you, it gave you no home.

‘Till God picked you up and He promised a throne.

He fought you, and beat you, broke all of your bones.

You ran and you ran with nowhere to lay.

Though, through all of your hurting, your name was changed.

God said, “My son, listen now, I’ll be your king. Lay down this rock and gain your legacy.

I’ll fight. I’ll fight. I’ll fight for your name.”

Oh my sweet Jacob, all lost and alone.

Through all of your trauma, Esau wants you stoned.

One day when he sees you, Israel will reign.

Rachel is waiting, she prays and she prays, asking the Lord if your debt has been paid.

Crying as she sees you lying in the dirt, one thing she knows is,

Israel will return.

– Tiana

Thank you! God bless and bless God.

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